Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems such as HDB CCTVs, indoor CCTVs for office, and outdoor.  CCTV’s to provide the ultimate protection for your people and premises. When paired with alarm systems, CCTV camera systems can provide better and more accurate detection, with round-the-clock surveillance both indoors and outdoors.

Protecting Your Premises

Keep premises safe, reduce risk, and increase efficiency with CCTV camera systems and CCTV alarm systems. Our reliable CCTV camera systems safeguard your premises and safety of your people. They help records the footage of people entering, exiting, and moving around, offering your spaces unparalleled protection.

Reducing Operating Costs

When paired with alarm systems and IP cameras, there is greater accuracy and more dependable detection. Less manpower is needed to oversee the security of your buildings and spaces once CCTV camera systems are installed.

Safety Compliance

Install CCTV camera systems that are rigorously tested and certified according to the highest security standards. With our technical know-how in CCTV surveillance cameras, our Skilful Personals, we can provide quick and reliable installation services. PAXUS is currently the preferred CCTV camera contractor for many household brands in Singapore.